About MarathiMitra

Marathimitra.com is the first site to teach spoken Marathi. It is one of the largest sites on the Internet teaching Marathi. Marathimitra is a fine multimedia site where you can learn to speak Marathi. There are number of articles and features - and the site is growing every week.

Today the Marathi language is trying to survive amid phenomenal influence of other languages and cultures. Even Marathi people are using less Marathi, more incorrectly. Marathimitra.com is our effort to keep Marathi alive and healthy. We want this site to build the interest of people to learn Marathi and also make them interested in the Marathi world.

This site helps you learn Spoken Marathi ( ma-raa-tdhee ). Whether you are visiting Maharashtra, India, or have new Marathi friend, here is the resource for you to learn speak Marathi. Why Marathi? Why learn Marathi? If you are looking for a reason for learning Marathi, you may find it here or tell us what is your reason to learn Marathi?

The best way to learn a language is to start with commonly used words and phrases. That's why we have compiled the most commonly used words and expressions in English and the pronunciation of their Marathi equivalent. You can jump to the words or sentences right away but we suggest that you get familiarized with the Pronunciation Keys (with audio help ) used on this site first!

About Us

The Marathimitra's small motivated team, based out of North America and India, strive mightily to make sure the site is reliable, understandable, up-to-date, and sometimes entertaining. None of the content is borrowed from other sources: we create all of the articles you'll find on Marathimitra.com. Our mission is to provide the best resource to learn Marathi on internet.

Tell Us What You Think. Ultimately, our success depends on you and the thousands of unique visitors who access Marathimitra.com. We are eager to improve and make Marathimitra.com as useful and effective as possible. So please let us know what we're doing right, how we have been helpful and useful, and any suggestions you have for improving the site. We guarantee we'll listen closely.